Focus on systematic growth

Companies that have a clear organic growth agenda outperform competition and have much higher chances to survive in the long term.Above-market growth can be realized by optimizing the commercial model or by building a performing innovation machine. In the digital era, business model disruption is often the most effective and fastest way of accelerating the pace of expansion.Management teams should think about growth in new ways and across multiple dimensions and develop a multifaceted program to pursue growth over time.

The four avenues to organic growth


Expand the scope of where and how current products are marketed, thus maximizing their revenue potential


Disproportionately sustain the products or businesses with the highest growth potential, being selective on company’s portfolio


Develop new products and further expand the category


Disrupt the existing business and pursue new / additional business models

The GROWTH DIAGNOSTIC WHEEL – A comprehensive tool to systematically identify all sources of growth

Delivering organic growth requires identifying the sources of growth on which it makes most sense to focus, and getting the organization equipped to pursue them systematically.A first mapping phase will reveal what are the highest potential growth opportunities in the short, mid and long term. The Growth Diagnostic Wheel is a tool that can be used to surface the articulated set of organic growth dimensions that should be taken into account. It helps in identifying where to focus and in developing a plan for how to pursue growth over time.When prioritizing initiatives, it is important to balance them across different time horizons and growth dimensions, by both optimizing the current and pursuing the new.

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